Surviving Mann Joins Outdoor Action TV Platform

(San Antonio, TX – May 17, 2024)

Outdoor Action TV is excited to announce that the Surviving Mann series is now available to watch on its various connected devices and platforms!  

Surviving Mann is the ultimate test of strength, strategy, and survival. Hosted by SEAL Team 6 Spec Ops veteran, extreme adventure innovator, and New York Times Best-Selling author Don Mann, this high-stakes military challenge competition takes contestants to remote training locations where they must battle it out for the chance to challenge Don in the ultimate survival showdown.

Surviving Mann has a cast like no other. Made up of current and former military, law enforcement, private security, athletes, and everyday people, the contestants you’ll meet beat out hundreds of other applicants, proving already that they have what it takes to go big.

“We’re excited to bring the Surviving Mann series to our diverse audience on Outdoor Action TV” says Wade Middleton, President of CarecoTV, LLC. “The quality of production is off the chart and it’s an entertaining and inspirational competition format you don’t see every day in our space. We are proud to present it to our streaming and VOD viewers!”

You can watch the first season of Surviving Mann on-demand anytime on the Outdoor Action TV app via Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, LG, iOS, Android, and website. You can also watch Surviving Mann weekly on the live Outdoor Action TV channel including every Friday at 9:30pm EST. Watch the Outdoor Action TV channel online as well as the following platforms – FreeCast (channel 3940), Local Now (channel 1074), TCL Channel (sports & outdoors), Sports.TV, and Xiaomi.

American Stories CEO, Robert Cefail commented, “We are thrilled to have Surviving Mann join the impressive OATV line-up of outdoor enthusiast programming. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for us as we expand our reach to more video-on-demand and streaming audiences. We believe Surviving Mann will resonate deeply with OATV viewers, offering compelling, inspirational, and action-packed content that captures the human spirit and tenacity. We look forward to engaging with a broader audience and continuing to deliver high-quality entertainment.”

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