(San Antonio, TX – May 30, 2024)

Outdoor Action TV is thrilled to announce that season 4 of Huntech Pro is now available for streaming on its various connected devices and platforms!  

In the exhilarating fourth season of Huntech Pro, join seasoned hunter Johan Smit and his co-host, Beulah Smit, as they share their unparalleled experiences and expertise in the wild. This season promises a unique blend of personal achievement and thrilling adventure, offering viewers an inside look at the demanding process of becoming a professional hunter.

Experience the intense preparation, strategic planning, and adrenaline-pumping moments as they pursue game in some of the world’s most challenging terrains. Together, Johan and Beulah offer a captivating dynamic, blending technical proficiency with heartfelt storytelling and personal insights.

“We are so excited to add Huntech Pro to the Outdoor Action TV platform.” says Wade Middleton, President of CarecoTV, LLC. “It is a must-watch for hunting enthusiasts, aspiring hunters, and outdoor adventurers! Viewers will be captivated by these extraordinary hunts, and by adding the Huntech Pro series we will continue our mission of reaching as many outdoorsmen and women with content they enjoy.”

You can watch season four of Huntech Pro on-demand anytime on the Outdoor Action TV app via Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, LG, iOS, Android, and website. Starting in June, you can also watch Huntech Pro weekly on the live Outdoor Action TV channel. Watch the Outdoor Action TV channel online as well as the following platforms – FreeCast (channel 3940), Local Now (channel 1074), TCL Channel (sports & outdoors), Sports.TV, and Xiaomi.

“We at Huntech Pro are thrilled to announce our partnership with Outdoor Action TV. Streaming on this premier platform allows us to bring our passion for the outdoors and the hunt to a wider audience, delivering exhilarating and authentic hunting experiences right to your screen. Stay tuned for unmatched adventure and action!” – Johan Smit

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